DIY Basic Sofa Table

You know how we used to DIY all the time… And then we got caught up in re-doing our farmhouse, well guess what, 2018 is not only getting out of our comfort zone, but also getting back to the basics and with that folks… the written DIY to the Vlog (Click Here) we posted last […]

We Got Stranded in Denver

  Comfort Zone? After a very fast 25 days of the new year, LMB and I are trying our best to find as many different ways to force ourselves outside of our comfort zones. It is no surprise that we all want to stay in a place of comfortable and routine. Stay as far way from […]

The Boys

We never fully introduced these two fellas, key the introduction: Say hello to… The Boys.   They are so inseparable that we couldn’t find individual names for them, that naturally “The Boys” just stuck. Where one is… the other is within arms reach, I am not sure “arms […]

Finding positives in project failures

If you are one of those individuals that think LMB and I have this all figured out and tackle each project fluently and without issue, and have all of these remodels started and finished as if it was part of a montage, I cannot stress the opposite. As you can see from vlogs 1-4, we […]

Christmas week on the Farm and Vlog #3

Exhale. The season has come and gone, and my goodness what a ride. We over ate, over shopped, and a few days… overslept. The farm saw 8 rounds of Home Alone and maybe 6 of Home Alone 2, the hardest part of the holiday is trying not to quote your favorite holiday movies. This past […]

Let's Go Downtown: Vlog #2

Okay… we are having way too much fun with this Vlog thing. Thank you-thank you for the love and support from our launch video, and if you missed it link (here). So this week, not a whole lot of farming going on. We are doing the exact same thing everyone else is… Last minute Christmas […]