Beekeeper Diaries: Heartbroken and Hopeful

I didn’t think I could get emotional over insects… but I did. Our Beekeeping Diaries As you know, it was a very exciting year last year.  We started beekeeping on the farm. I have wanted to do this for many many many years, but really never had the space to do so. So last year […]

Product Review: Ryobi 40V Lithium Battery Powered String Trimmer

Gas Like Power. Can a Battery powered Trimmer really hold up to the power of its Gas sibling? Ryobi recently launched a new line of outdoor products driven off of their 40V system, and one of them caught my eye in particular, their 40V Lithium Battery String Trimmer. The reason it caught my eye was […]

DIY Garden Markers

Okay… dare I say it. I’ll say it with my fingers crossed and my eyes closed, spring has arrived here in Michigan. No Snow just sun rays and 60’s. Thank goodness… I understand, it is a love hate relationship here in Michigan, the trade off of enjoying all four seasons, but this year… phew I […]

Six Must Have Tools to Start Your Farm

I’m writing you from within a house surrounded by snow… yup! Snow! It’s April 16 and its been freezing rain and now snowing for two days… but nothing is stopping this dreamer. Spring will arrive (we hope). This was a first winter at the farmhouse with farm animals… and goodness sake did we learn a lot! […]

Welcome home Winnie

We have been preoccupied over the few weeks… If you follow us on Instagram @lizmariegalvan and @whitecottagefarm you already have an idea why. If you don’t already follow us (you should), but it is because this little girl right here… We are going on week 4 with this crazy little girl, and she has been such a […]

DIY Watercolor Landscape Easter Egg

So a few weeks out, and Easter will be knocking at the door. Here at White Cottage Farm we absolutely LOVE Easter. Everything about it from going to church and seeing the more dressy attire, the Resurrection of life and our faith, to basket planning and egg hiding. While Michigan isn’t always a participant as […]