How to build a Modern Farmhouse Bench

It is a busy time of year for everyone I am sure. Between trips to the pool, pop-up BBQ’s, and simply squeezing every once of sunshine out of the day. It is very easy to give into the hustle and bustle and quickly look past the basics. We have been doing a lot of projects […]

DIY Picture Frame

For a few weeks know I have launched a weekly video series on Instagram called Workshop Wednesday also dubbed White Cottage Farm Wednesdays, as I am not always in the workshop. Its a wonderful outlet and commitment for me to share what we love doing on the farm. Too many times I find it to […]

DIY Vintage Inspired Bench

So a few week ago on the first installment of Workshop Wednesday I shared crackle paint on a little DIY Vintage Inspired Bench. Crackle paint has been around for a while but I was very impressed with the outcome from Dixie Bell Paint Company. This build was completely made from scrap wood left over from […]

DIY Mini Card Catalog

It’s no secret we love little cubby systems and card catalogs. I’ve always wanted to build a bigger one like the antique one we found in North Carolina… before we get too far, I wanted to try my take at a DIY Mini Card Catalog… Here is how it turned out. I have to say […]

DIY Garden Shed Greenhouse

So if you have been following us on Instagram you have seen this great little DIY Garden Shed Greenhouse we have put together. Now this isn’t  the tradition greenhouse enclosed in glass (yet), or wrapped in plastic. The current idea of this is to keep it open, raw just to the studs. We do plan […]

Tacklife Paint Sprayer - Tool Review

Okay, so this past weekend we made some serious progress on a fun little project we’ve been working on in the garden. That project isn’t quite done yet so we will share that later on… but the painting on that project is nearly done and here is how it turned out. We used the Tacklife […]