DIY Bench Seat

DIY Bench SeatSo we added a DIY Bench Seat in our Mudroom about a year ago now and I wanted to share the DIY we posted over on Liz Marie Blog, as well talk about how we have decided to use the bench seat after having it now for a year. Before we talk about […]

Vlog 14: Bee's, Grace, and our Garden Fail

Welcome back to another farm vlog (Vlog 14) here at White Cottage Farm. Today on the Vlog we are re-introducing our sheep staring with the star of the farm, Grace. Also we are so happy to welcome back to the farm a healthy colony of bee’s and we see them hard at work around the […]

Vlog 13: DIY Garden Beds with Trellis and Bumping back the pasture

We are starting our Vlogs back up… That is truly exciting for us over here. We love being creative and creating fun video content of our daily lives here on the farm. Further more, we love looking back at the Vlogs after a few months have gone by and reflect on those memories we were […]

The Best Gear for Blogging

One of the most common question I get is what gear do we use for blogging. That includes our still photos to our IGTV and YouTube videos. This gear list is what I currently have in my camera bag, alongside the incredible iPhone for quick and candid photography… lets take a look! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”3816012″] We […]

A Creative Callenge

So I have been muling over how to regain that creative edge I had many years ago. I don’t find myself eager to get to the workshop, scratching down building plans, or seeking out the next DIY or home project. What I don’t understand is that these are all hobbies and things that bring me […]

TACKLife Jump Starter - Why you need this in every vehicle

A few days ago I shared on instagram stories about this Tacklife Jump Starter I was adding to my truck bag. The amount of inquires about that particular jump starter, and people not knowing those were a thing was crazy… so I wanted to dive deeper into the Tacklife T8 800 Peak Jump Starter, and […]

Mackinac Island Summer Vlog Series

A few weeks ago now, Liz, Cope, and I headed up north to one of the most magical places in the world… Mackinac Island. This trip was so special to us for many reasons, but the main reason was this was a first trip to the island with our little man, Copeland Beau. We decided […]

DIY Clothesline

When I was in the military, Liz and I would dream about what life would be like when we moved back to our hometown of Grand Rapids Michigan. We had hopes of continuing down the path of DIY blogging and seeking out adventure. I think we both had own little variations but still came back […]

DIY Wood Brackets

Since re-doing our kitchen a few years ago we decided to go with open shelving instead of upper cabinets. At first we were a little reluctant to go with an overly exposed kitchen storage area, but honestly it is a great way to keep you clean and organized, as well as, show off a little […]

DIY Fireplace Mantel

You eyes are not fooling you. Yes, this is a new blog post here at White Cottage Farm. This blog post I have been meaning to put together for sometime but due to… a few big things we have been just unbelievably busy here at the farm. This was a project that I walked into, […]

The Return of the Vlog

Finding our Smiles & Laughs We really try make it a point to have as much fun here in our little life on our little farm. Even during our tough days, we somehow still find our smiles and laughs. We can find them from enjoying or newly renovated spaces, long treks out to the garden, […]

How to build a Modern Farmhouse Bench

It is a busy time of year for everyone I am sure. Between trips to the pool, pop-up BBQ’s, and simply squeezing every once of sunshine out of the day. It is very easy to give into the hustle and bustle and quickly look past the basics. We have been doing a lot of projects […]

DIY Picture Frame

For a few weeks know I have launched a weekly video series on Instagram called Workshop Wednesday also dubbed White Cottage Farm Wednesdays, as I am not always in the workshop. Its a wonderful outlet and commitment for me to share what we love doing on the farm. Too many times I find it to […]

DIY Vintage Inspired Bench

So a few week ago on the first installment of Workshop Wednesday I shared crackle paint on a little DIY Vintage Inspired Bench. Crackle paint has been around for a while but I was very impressed with the outcome from Dixie Bell Paint Company. This build was completely made from scrap wood left over from […]

DIY Mini Card Catalog

It’s no secret we love little cubby systems and card catalogs. I’ve always wanted to build a bigger one like the antique one we found in North Carolina… before we get too far, I wanted to try my take at a DIY Mini Card Catalog… Here is how it turned out. I have to say […]

DIY Garden Shed Greenhouse

So if you have been following us on Instagram you have seen this great little DIY Garden Shed Greenhouse we have put together. Now this isn’t  the tradition greenhouse enclosed in glass (yet), or wrapped in plastic. The current idea of this is to keep it open, raw just to the studs. We do plan […]

Tacklife Paint Sprayer - Tool Review

Okay, so this past weekend we made some serious progress on a fun little project we’ve been working on in the garden. That project isn’t quite done yet so we will share that later on… but the painting on that project is nearly done and here is how it turned out. We used the Tacklife […]

Beekeeper Diaries: Heartbroken and Hopeful

I didn’t think I could get emotional over insects… but I did. Our Beekeeping Diaries As you know, it was a very exciting year last year.  We started beekeeping on the farm. I have wanted to do this for many many many years, but really never had the space to do so. So last year […]