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The White Cottage Farm Children's Book: We Belong to Each Other

It was an extremely exciting day here on the farm. We launched our published children’s book, We Belong to Each Other for pre-order. The book follows the story of Grace, our Icelandic sheep, coming to the farm. It shares how she came to our farm, with no other farm animals here on the farm. Aft…

DIY Bench Seat

DIY Bench SeatSo we added a DIY Bench Seat in our Mudroom about a year ago now and I wanted to share the DIY we posted over on Liz Marie Blog, as well talk about how we have decided to use the bench seat after having it now for a year. Before we talk about…

Vlog 14: Bee's, Grace, and our Garden Fail

Welcome back to another farm vlog (Vlog 14) here at White Cottage Farm. Today on the Vlog we are re-introducing our sheep staring with the star of the farm, Grace. Also we are so happy to welcome back to the farm a healthy colony of bee’s and we see them hard at work around the…

Vlog 13: DIY Garden Beds with Trellis and Bumping back the pasture

We are starting our Vlogs back up… That is truly exciting for us over here. We love being creative and creating fun video content of our daily lives here on the farm. Further more, we love looking back at the Vlogs after a few months have gone by and reflect on those memories we were…


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