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 Cope + Liz + Jose





What We Do here at White Cottage Farm

We did a little bit everything here on the farm. From sharing all things DIY, to shearing sheep and keeping bee's. And you can all about it on our Blog or watch our Vlogs. 

DIY's + Reviews

We have fun creating easy comprehensive DIY's with free plans and graphics to help you at each step. We also like bringing you reviews to help you find the best products in home decor and DIY tools.

Life around the Farm

From Tools to everyday products for your home, yard, or farm. We try to cover a little bit of everything to get you the best bang for your buck 


Cozy White Cottage

Currently Out of Stock, but Liz sells her book online and you can get yours signed by Her and mailed right to you!

Lightroom Presets

Check out our Lightroom Presets for all different styles and get your photos looking professionally edited today.


*Coming Back Soon* We sell some T-Shirts and Mugs themed to Farm Life and Cozy Vibes